Alcohol Breath Tester With Printer – Provide Accurate Result And Unique Feature

Breath-Analyser-AT8800The alcohol breath analyzer is one of the equipment that is used to test the blood alcohol content in today. It is estimated the alcohol concentration in your body by measuring the alcohol amount exhaled from your lungs. Alcohol breath tester with printer is specially designed for the domestic and personal purpose. This type of the device can also connect to the laptop or personal computer for the logging data and print out the alcohol concentration details, time, date and others. In the market, you can find the broad range of the alcohol breath analyzer machine. So you can purchase the high-quality machine as per your needs and budget.

Application of alcohol breath analyzer machine

Nowadays, this type of the device is widely used by the railways, airlines, traffic police, officers, military, hotel, industries, factories, BPO, bus, education institutes and others. Alcohol breath tester with printer is very easy to use and also provide the result quickly. It comes with the optimal design that makes the testing convenient and speedy. With the help of the alcohol breath analyzer, you can easily measure the alcohol concentration in the body. The Alcohol breath analyser with printer comes with the password management option and temperature indication.  

Specification of alcohol breath tester

The Alcohol breath analyser with printer used as the monitor and it can indicate the blood alcohol percentage that is above or below legal limits. It equipped with the LCD display, printer interface, heat warm up automatically and others. It comes with the five key operations and they are left, right, up, down and OK that allow the user to operate the machine easily. This device comes with the operating temperature from five to forty-five for the optimum operation.

Benefits of Alcohol breath analyzer with printer device

Its advantage is fuel cell alcohol analyzer for the local road side and highway screening device. With the help of the electrochemical reaction for the ethanol molecules that provide the stable and unique measuring technology. It comes with the rechargeable battery, metal case, and mouthpiece. This type of the device will record more than two hundred memory including result, result types, and test time. It equipped with the auto flow monitoring and adjustable function of alarming level. Benefits of choosing this device are affordable price and quick result. This device is more popular for its unique design and accurate results.


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